The last video (about the difference between the "I'm feeling lucky" and the "One-click rewrite" option) was pretty amazing, wasn't it? I bet that everyone learned something new when watching it. 😃

Our short tutorial video journey is going extremely well — so far, we have published 6 new short tutorial videos. There are still 4 remaining, though... Actually, three, because I'll present another one in just a few seconds. 😃

The next tutorial video is about "Drafts and Archive". I recommend watching this tutorial video to all users -. it explains in details the difference between a draft and a finalized article. The difference is important — especially because drafts are not saved on our server, but on your computer. Therefore, it is not recommended to wait too long before finalizing an article. This video also explains how you can structure your archive in categories — which can help you find the correct article when you need it.

This short video includes many other things that are useful when working with drafts and archive in Spin Rewriter. You can watch it here, as always: Spin Rewriter short video tutorials...

As always, if you're left with any questions, contact our support department anytime: info AT

There are still 3 tutorial videos left to go, so stay tuned. 😃

Published on: August 29th, 2013

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