After 9 years of processing all sign-ups and all transactions through PayPal only, we're now making it even easier to be a fully-fledged Spin Rewriter user. 😜

Over the past 12-18 months, we've been receiving an ever-increasing number of emails from our potential customers, saying that they either don't have a PayPal account or don't want to use it to sign up for their Spin Rewriter access.

What all these people wanted was actually super simple — an option to sign up with a credit card, no PayPal required.

It took us a while — we take anything regarding sign-ups and payments extremely seriously! — but now we've finally done it. 👏

We've evaluated a number of payment gateways and processors, and settled on Paddle as the company that will be processing all major credit cards for our awesome users.

Here's some benefits of processing credit cards through Paddle:

  • Paddle supports all major credit cards, including Apple Pay on supported devices.
  • Paddle lets you sign up through a lovely interface without ever leaving our website.
  • You can cancel your free trial or your subscription with a single click from your Spin Rewriter account, without having to contact us at all.
  • You can change your payment method to a different credit card or even to your PayPal account just as easily.
  • Paddle lets you know about upcoming rebills so you're never surprised by them.

Our Paddle integration went live on January 17th and so far, we've been extremely happy with it — and so have our users. 😃

So, how do you sign up through Paddle (with your credit card) instead of through PayPal? Simply log in, go to My Account and you'll see a special link just below our 3 pricing plans.

It's as simple as that. 👍 Enjoy!

Published on: February 5th, 2020

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