Let's talk about yet another great feature we added recently. 🤩

Once you get towards the end of the process of spinning your article and you enter Step 3, it's time to generate some unique variations of your original article.

And this is where our newest magic happens. 🎩

We've added an extremely powerful switch between two separate modes ("HTML" and "Visual") of your process of generating unique articles.

This newest addition makes it sooo much easier to preview your generated unique articles exactly as they would appear when published on a website. When using the "Visual" mode, each of the unique articles you generate will include all of the relevant images and videos right inside the text, and this relevant media will be shown either in between paragraphs or with the text wrapped around them.

What's more, the "Visual" mode will also correctly display all bold and/or italicized fonts, larger headings, unordered lists, ordered lists, and so on.

And on the other hand, switching to the "HTML" mode will give you complete and utter control over your generated unique articles in their raw form. Our new "HTML" mode lets you see exactly how your articles are constructed under-the-hood, and from there you can tweak every little detail manually.

This is a seriously powerful update — and you can go check it out right away. It's already live. 😃 👍

Published on: March 3rd, 2021

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