Here at Spin Rewriter we feel there's always room for improvement. There's always some way we can go the extra mile for our awesome customers. And over time, all of these small improvements add up into a great user experience.

Let me give you a recent example. 😃

You know how we sometimes send you email updates about what's going on here at Spin Rewriter, or tell you about special deals we were able to get you?

Well, in those emails, I've been using the same exact signature since 2011. It's my signature and it never changes, so... why would I ever need to update it, right?

Well, the tech world is always evolving. And sometimes this means that something that's perfectly good today isn't going to quite cut it tomorrow.

So here's what happened. It all boils down to two major things:

"Retina" displays: A lot of the screens our customers are using got much sharper over the years. Phone screens have crazy resolutions at 6 inches these days. Tablets have insanely sharp fonts. Even desktop monitors with a 4K resolution at 27 inches are way way sharper than the 1080p monitors of yore.

Dark mode: Many of our users are using "dark mode" (at least in the evenings) on their phones and laptops. Which gives emails a dark background and white text so reading them doesn't burn your eyes at night.

Put these 2 things together, however, and suddenly my old signature starts to look pretty pretty bad. 😬

So here's what we did:

Aaron's signature - before and after

We made my signature much, much sharper... and when shown on a dark background, we made sure it comes with a nice border instead of the pixelated mess it came with before.

Now, I feel like I should point out: This isn't some vanity thing on my part. 🙈

It's about the attention to detail that we're pouring into every last bit of the Spin Rewriter experience. And I think this is a big part of the reason why tens of thousands of people absolutely love Spin Rewriter. So we're happy to do it. 😃

Published on: December 13th, 2021

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