Sometimes it's the smallest things that make a software product more enjoyable to use.

And we've just rolled out one of those "things" (or what we're calling them internally, "UX wins") earlier today.

You know the readability slider, the one that lets you choose if you want Spin Rewriter to make your articles more readable, or more unique?

Well, until today you had to grab the little slidey thing, and either drag it up the slider element, or down the slider element.

Now you can still do that... OR you can simpy click the label next to each of the 3 slider positions, that says more readable, recommended, or more unique.

Just one simple click will instantly adjust the slider to the correct setting — no more hunting and pecking. 😃

We've also improved the slider from an accessibility perspective, with vision-impaired users in mind.

And — if you want — you can even use the arrow keys to move the slider up and down once you've selected it. Hope you like it. 😃

Published on: March 14th, 2019

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