This coming Thursday, on January 16th, we will be rolling out some major upgrades to our server infrastructure.

While the beyond-the-scenes improvements are probably a bit too technical to get into here, we definitely want to give all our awesome users a heads-up:

⚠️ On Thursday, January 16th, Spin Rewriter will be largely unavailable between 4 AM EST and 8 AM EST.

We're hoping we can keep the actual downtime significantly shorter than 4 hours, however that's the official time frame we're aiming for.

We've made sure to roll out the upgrades at a time-of-day where our website sees the lowest number of users — but even so, we still apologize in advance to everyone who will need to wait a bit before getting to use Spin Rewriter on Thursday.

What's the upside? Regular maintenance like this is required to keep our infrastructure in top-notch shape. After the upgrade, you will notice a definite speed improvement, your information will be even safer, and our infrastructure will be even more future-proof.

So, as they say — onwards and upwards! 😃

Published on: January 14th, 2020

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