Good news, everyone! 😃

As you know, we had a major server infrastructure upgrade scheduled for earlier today, between 4 AM EST and 8 AM EST.

We took Spin Rewriter offline at 4:16 AM EST and brought it back up at 7:14 AM EST, for a total downtime of 2 hours 58 minutes instead of the expected 4 hours.

At this point, all systems are once again running at 100% and we couldn't be happier with the upgrade!

Big immediate upside: We're now running Spin Rewriter on truly state-of-the-art infrastructure with 10x more network capacity and full network redundancy. The upgraded redundancy has also been applied to our power infrastructure to make the entire setup even more robust.

Another upside: We need to do a tiny bit more testing before revealing this, so stay tuned... but we've got another awesome surprise in store for you. 👍

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you for being one of our awesome Spin Rewriter users — and you can rest assured that Spin Rewriter is only getting better and better with upgrades like this one!

Published on: January 16th, 2020

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