As you probably already know, we've released a brand new service when we launched the incredible Spin Rewriter 4.0...

It's called Rankings Done Right, it's available exclusively to users of Spin Rewriter, and it's definitely something else!

All it takes is for a user to enter the URL of their website into the Rankings Done Right system... and here's what happens:
  • Rankings Done Right automatically analyzes user's website and determines the primary keywords and key phrases
  • It uses various advertising & targeting APIs to determine which of these keywords have the most organic traffic and the least competition
  • It creates a selection of the most profitable keywords and instructs our team to create user-tailored content for these keywords
  • It spins all this user-tailored content (using Spin Rewriter!) to create tons of unique, relevant content
  • It analyzes the existing link profile of user's website: how many links are coming from blogs, forums, web 2.0 sites, directories, bookmarks, ...
  • It analyzes the existing link profile in terms of dofollow/nofollow ratios, homepage/subpage link ratios, etc.
  • It starts using the unique & relevant content it generated in order to build exactly the types of backlinks that our user needs.
Our user only needs to enter the URL of their website. Everyhing else happens automagically — and the SEO results of this process are absolutely astounding!

What's more — and this is really the jist of this post — we've just improved Rankings Done Right and made the link profile analysis even better... The technology we're using is quite incredible, and it's been a huge challenge and a lot of fun putting the whole system together and fine-tuning it for maximum results.

If you want to jump aboard the Rankings Done Right train, click here right now and log into your account... (It's available exclusively to users of Spin Rewriter!)

Published on: January 14th, 2014

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