If you've been doing any manual spinning with Spin Rewriter (and not just relying on our magical One-Click Rewrite technology, haha), you'll know that there are 3 little buttons just above the list of synonyms for each word or phrase.

Those buttons are called - "Top", "All", and "Apply to All". They're the bext way to speed up a manual rewrite of your article.

The "Top" button selects all reliable (top) synonyms of the current word that meet one of your three available One-Click Rewrite settings: more readable, recommended, or more unique.

The "All" button selects ALL synonyms of the current word. A second click of that same button then removes all synonyms.

Finally, the "Apply to All" button applies the selected synonyms of the current word to every occurrence of this word in your article. It also pluralizes or capitalizes the newly-applied synonyms where required.

Example - Let's look at these button in practice:

When selecting the word "book" in your article, you'll see a list of available synonyms.

Clicking "Top" will automatically select the best synonyms, for example "novel" and "magazine".

Clicking "Apply to All" will then automatically add these 2 top synonyms to every single occurrence of the word "book" in your entire article. It will also capitalize or pluralize those synonyms as required (e.g. it will use "Novels" as a synonym of "Books" instead of "novel").

All of this will let you manually rewrite your articles MUCH faster, and with even better results. Enjoy! 😃

Published on: April 7th, 2019

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