Once again we're about to turn the page onto a new year... and once again I couldn't be happier about the year that is slowly waving us goodbye. 2015 was another incredible year for us, and I sincerely hope it's been an incredible year for you as well.

Right now seems like a great time to take a quick look at what lies ahead: 2016. I really hope 2016 is the year that you'll be looking back to ten or twenty years from now... and that you'll be saying "man, 2016 was an absolutely amazing year for me in every way — I couldn't have wished for a better one."

As for us here at INFINET, I can promise you that we'll keep on working incredibly hard to keep all of our customers more than happy in 2016 and beyond.

I hope all your hopes & dreams come true --
here's to an incredible year for you,

Aaron — and the entire SmileyTech Solutions / INFINET team 😃

Published on: December 25th, 2015

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