First off, we hope you're enjoying the summer! ☀️

And if you're currently in between vacations (working on your articles, of course), we've also got some good news for you. 😃

We've further improved the way Spin Rewriter helps you add relevant images and videos to your freshly-generated unique articles.

With this latest update, you can now easily choose between inserting relevant media in between the paragraphs of your articles, or inserting relevant media as part of the paragraph with the text of your article flowing around them.

We recommend the first option when inserting videos as those require a bit more attention by people reading your articles — and we recommend the second option when inserting images as this will make your articles much more visually appealing and nicer to read.

Hope you like this update — and keep on enjoying your summer! 👍

Published on: August 3rd, 2022

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