At Spin Rewriter we always keep looking for new ways to further improve the user experience where it matters.

And a good UX matters the most when you're focusing on the actual task you're trying to achieve. With Spin Rewriter, this most important moment is definitely when our users are actively rewriting their articles into new, unique ones.

With our latest update (which has already been rolled out to all our users!) we have significantly improved the synonym selection user interface for words and phrases that only have a single possible meaning.

You see, before this update, we were still showing that single available meaning as being selectable. But now, after this latest update, if a word or a phrase doesn't have multiple meanings to choose from, we simply show the dictionary definition of the only possible meaning of the word or phrase.

Here's what the updated synonym selection UI looks like:

Spin Rewriter - Mobile menus, before and after

You'll notice the whole section no longer says "Filter by meaning" as there is only a single meaning available. Instead it simply says "Meaning", displaying a dictionary-like definition of the word facelift in this particular case.

We hope you like this latest update. 🤩 Enjoy rewriting your articles! 👍

Published on: June 23rd, 2023

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