Earlier this week we heard from one of our wonderful users, Mr Steve, who told us the following:

While he absolutely loves Spin Rewriter (thank you!), he does have one major gripe with it when it comes to manual spinning on sentence- and paragraph-level.

As many of you probably know, Spin Rewriter can help you manually add alternative sentences and alternative paragraphs to your original article in Step 1, through a friendly pop-up interface.

But as Mr Steve mentioned, this user interface had an annoying flaw. When he tried to manually write alternative variations for longer paragraphs, those original paragraphs weren't being shown in their entirety while he was writing the new, alternative ones. Instead, the longer original paragraphs were being truncated after a certain length, making the process needlessly tedious.

We agreed with Mr Steve immediately — and sprung into action! 😃

And I'm super happy to say — we have now already resolved this issue, and made the manual rewriting interface an absolute joy to use. 👌

When doing manual sentence- and paragraph-level rewrites in Step 1, Spin Rewriter now displays the entire original text in its friendly pop-up window, instead of truncating it into a single line of text that fades out.

This update will make it much easier for our users to come up with good alternatives for longer paragraphs. And you can go check it out now. 😃

Published on: March 18th, 2021

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