You've probably noticed already how Spin Rewriter knows to be extra-helpful by showing your local times next to your spun articles inside the Archive.

It doesn't matter whether you're from LA, NYC, London, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo or Sydney... or any tiny little village in between... the times shown will always be your very own local times to make things super easy for you.

Well, with one tiny exception until now... There's a few short time periods throughout the year where different timezones switch to daylight saving time a couple of days before other timezones, OR when certain timezones stop using daylight saving time just a bit earlier than the others. And then there's Arizona where they just don't care. 😃

Anyway, in some of these short overlaps, your local times could be off by 1 hour in some cases. Nothing too horrible, but then again, that's now that we're all about here at Spin Rewriter. We're always striving for perfection — and when it comes to time localization, we've just delivered that perfection with an update earlier today.

Enjoy! 😃

Published on: September 19th, 2016

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