Here at Spin Rewriter we're in love with linguistics and everything that has to do with language... so, let me begin with this:

Happy Two's Day! 🎉

It's February 22nd, 2022... in other words, 2/22/22.
Nothing but twos. And it's a Tuesday!

How crazy is that? 🤪

But it gets crazier... In Europe we write dates as day-month-year, so over here today is actually 22-02-2022.


Which means today's date is also a palindrome! You can read it left-to-right or right-to-left, and it's still the same old Two's Day. 🤓

And there's yet another, extra, BONUS level to this madness:

Not only is today's date a palindrome, on a digital clock you can even turn it upside down and it's still the exact same date! Go ahead, try it:

Two's Day - not just a palindrome, you can even turn it upside down

As linguists and geeks, we absolutely love weird stuff like Two's Day. And hopefully today is a great day for you, two too. 🤩

Published on: February 22nd, 2022

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