This morning we rolled out yet another important upgrade to Spin Rewriter for all of our amazing users. 🚀

We're now giving our users the option of exporting their generated unique articles in spintax format without any of the original words that were present in the seed article.

It's as simple as going to Step 3 of the spinning process, clicking "Export" and then "Export the finished article in spintax format", and finally choosing the "No, include only synonyms" option.

By taking advantage of this new feature, our users can use the generated spintax inside other SEO products and make sure that all of their generated articles will be even more unique when compared to the original article (although slightly less readable).

What does this mean exactly? 🤔

Well, imagine your original article contains the following sentence:
"I will read a book."

Once Spin Rewriter does its magic, the sentence now looks something like this:
"I will read a {book|novel|magazine}."

Without this newest feature enabled, when generating unique articles from this spintax, Spin Rewriter would sometimes generate "I will read a book.", sometimes "I will read a novel." and sometimes "I will read a magazine."

However, with this newest feature enabled, Spin Rewriter will never use the word "book" that appeared in the seed article originally. It will only ever generate sentences "I will read a novel." and "I will read a magazine."

As a result, when comparing your generated unique articles to the original seed article you started with, the new articles will be even more unique.

Hope you like this new feature — and that you're going to put it to good use! 😃

Published on: April 3rd, 2023

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