Today I've got even more good news for all developers out there who are interested in integrating Spin Rewriter into their own software products!

As you probably know (that is, if you're a developer), we've already gone a number of extra miles to make sure Spin Rewriter is super easy to integrate with other apps through our API.

Our API SDK library, written in PHP, is a work of coding art... and let's not forget the famous integration of Spin Rewriter's functionality with 3rd party applications in as little as 3 lines of code (literally!)... The response from the developers has been 100% positive since we rolled out the first version of our API, and we're looking to keep it this way! 😃

Still, so far all our code samples and the API SDK library were only available in PHP... but today, this changes as well!

From now on, you will also find a 100% working Python API SDK library on the API page:

The library itself is hosted on — feel free to check it out right away! 😃

Published on: August 17th, 2014

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