Can you believe it's June already? For some reason this seems absolutely crazy to me right now... Probably because we missed out on so much spring-time fun because of the virus and the lockdowns.

Well — no worries either way. It's time for some good news today!

This morning we rolled out the latest Spin Rewriter codebase improvements to our public servers, and here's just one of the things you're definitely going to notice right off the bat:

Article exports are now screaming fast! 🚀

Our article exporting feature has always been significantly faster than those of our competitors, with your typical export of 500 unique articles of average length taking anywhere between 4 and 6 seconds on average.

Keep in mind that within these 4 to 6 seconds, our servers had to:
1) Create 500 articles from your spintax.
2) Organize the articles and ZIP them into an archive file.
3) Download the articles to your computer.

We have now dug even deeper and made the entire process even more efficient, shaving off another 25-30% of the required time.

Have fun creating your virtually endless unique content! 😃

Published on: June 3rd, 2020

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