You asked — and we listened! 😃

Imagine this (very common) scenario:

1. Our customer uses Spin Rewriter's powerful ENL spinning technology to generate a unique article from an existing article they already have.

2. Once they've got their brand-new unique article in front of them, they want to compare their new article to the original one, in order to make sure their freshly generated new article is truly unique.

Solution: We've always made it easy to compare articles inside Spin Rewriter, but now our team has truly taken this feature to the NEXT level. 🤩

A much, much better solution: With a recent update, we have added a powerful Side-by-Side feature that lets our users compare each of their generated articles to the original article they started with.

Our Side-by-Side comparison tool now instantly highlights any part of the new article that has remained unchanged when compared to the original article. This lets our users quickly find all phrases that are still duplicated, i.e. that appear in both the original article and the new freshly-generated article.

Our users can then easily live-edit their new generated article to get rid of these last remaining duplicated phrases, with highlights updating in real-time as they make changes to their article.

This new Side-by-Side comparison tool is truly super powerful — and super easy to use! 👍

Go check it out now!

Published on: May 25th, 2022

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