You know what... I'm actually not the biggest fan of the word "automagical", to tell you the truth. 😃

But still, what we've rolled out with a recent update does feel quite... magical. And it's also a fully automated feature. So, what choice do I have, really? 🙈

You see, with this latest update we've added a new feature to Step 3 of the article spinning process where Spin Rewriter will automatically analyze the key topics ("themes") of your generated unique articles in real-time.

Then Spin Rewriter will use this topical knowledge to (again, automatically) suggest relevant images and videos that you can effortlessly include into your generated unique articles. 🪄

You'll find this new feature right below each article you generate. Simply click the suggested "tip" about adding relevant images or videos, and they will be selected for you with literally a single click.

Go try it out! It's...... auto... magical. 🎩

Published on: March 4th, 2022

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