I'm sure you've run into the following issue before:

You're writing or editing an article in a text editor like Notepad. You do a great job. Then you go to copy-and-paste your article somewhere else and the line endings get all messed up. 😖

Suddenly some of your
sentences contain unwanted line-breaks in the
middle. This can
happen when copying articles from a text editor
that is using incorrect word-wrap settings. Instead of line-breaks
at the end of
paragraphs, we end
up with unwanted line-breaks in the middle of sentences.

⬆️ This is the issue we're talking about.

And it's super annoying.

🤩 Luckily Spin Rewriter can now auto-DETECT and auto-CORRECT these types of issues!

When Spin Rewriter detects that you've entered an article (in Step 1) that has this sort of line ending issues, it will instantly offer to fix the issue for you, like this:

Spin Rewriter can now automatically fix broken newlines

Simply click "Fix Line-Breaks" and you're done.

Pretty cool, right? 😃 Go check it out now!

Published on: April 21st, 2022

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