These days, each and every Spin Rewriter user can download our special 30-Day SEO Blueprint it's an amazing day-by-day tutorial that guides your hand for the first 30 days of your SEO journey with Spin Rewriter and helps you achieve great rankings with very little effort. It describes the step-by-step process of using Spin Rewriter in the SEO world, and it shows you EXACTLY what you need to do every single day in order to rank higher. It's also FREE and it's going to stay FREE it comes as a bonus with Spin Rewriter.

It was downloaded by more than 20,000 users already. And our users are mostly describing it as being "better than every SEO guide they ever bought." 😃

However, because SEO is constantly changing, our SEO guide needed some updates as well. We've added a number of new SEO tricks, including a couple of new link building methods that will help you rank your websites even faster. Because of all the great new content we even had to extend the guide for 4 extra days. Still, free of charge. 😃

You can expect to read it soon, very soon actually I'll send an email to all Spin Rewriter users when it goes public.

In the meantime, feel absolutely free to continue following the existing guide it still works very well! It helped me get from the original 7,000 daily visitors on one of my websites to over 30,000 daily visitors (at the moment of writing). And it's going to help YOU as well. 😃

Published on: July 17th, 2013

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