This has been ... just unbelievable, really.

I couldn't be happier than I am, right now, right here. 😃

First off, a huge THANK YOU for everyone who signed up for Spin Rewriter 3.0 — actually, I want to thank everyone who's using Spin Rewriter to make their online business a bit easier and a lot more successful. 😃

Here's some feedback (copied word-for-word) that we've received in the last couple of weeks ...


John says: Aaron,

This is amazing stuff! I got in on the ground level and SpinRewriter has been a HUGE part of the success I have had with SEO.

Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work! SpinRewriter is one tool I would skip eating to keep!


Bacho says: Dear Aaron,

SR never failed me before. I used it regularly to push more unique content to my sites and with this new version, and hopefully more powerful distinct features, SR will be at top in its class of spinning tools.

All the best to you and the team and I am looking forward to it.



Rick St. John says: Dear Aaron,

I really cannot tell you in enough words how happy I am with "Spin Rewriter" I just spun 4 articles that I had written earlier, each article after spining passed Copyscape with 98 percent, AWESOME!, No, Spin Rewriter is not a magic wand, you will have to tweak certain parts, but it reduces the work load by 99 percent.

Thank You!



And in response to all of this, Aaron says: THANK YOU! 😃


Published on: December 21st, 2012

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