You might have noticed that Spin Rewriter was a bit slow at times during these last couple of days ... there's a number of reasons for that, but - in the end - we reached our goal and made it faster than ever! 😃

The response of the Internet Marketing community has exceeded our wildest expectations, and Spin Rewriter is growing at a rate of hundreds of new users per week, which means we're constantly upgrading our server-grid specs, tweaking settings and optimizing algorithms to make sure it works well for everyone. We finished a big part of this project about 40 hours ago, and the results that we're seeing are amazing:
  • average server load dropped over 70%
  • 85% of all requests are now handled immediately, i.e. within 0.5 seconds (!)
  • 15% of all requests are waiting on average less than 1.5 seconds before being fully processed by our server
  • this makes the Spin Rewriter web app one of the fastest web applications available today!
We hope you love the new "snappy" Spin Rewriter, and we'll keep on working hard to make sure you're satisfied with us in the future as well! 😃

Published on: November 28th, 2011

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