Earlier today, at 9 AM Pacific, it finally happened...

The brand new Spin Rewriter 10 is now available to everyone!

Spin Rewriter 10 brings a new design

For this momentous occasion, for the BIG and round version 10, we feel like Spin Rewriter grew up in a number of ways.

For one, we've re-built the entire design from scratch. We used the latest industry standards and made sure that the new Spin Rewriter 10 website is functional, beautiful, performant, and accessible to everyone.

(We'll post more details about this entire process in future blog posts... it was so much fun, and seriously mind-blowing!) 🤓

We've also worked with world-class UI design and UX experts. One of the things we did was something the experts are calling "extensive user tests". This means we brought people into our office and watched them use Spin Rewriter for the very first time.

That ONE thing turned out to be absolutely eye-opening! It let us improve the experience of using Spin Rewriter tenfold, if not more. And it was fun to boot.

Finally, we've made the underlying ENL Semantic Spinning technology even more powerful. We've increased our lead in machine-processing of English (as a natural language) in order to make Spin Rewriter deliver even better, more readable, and more unique articles to our amazing customers.

But enough words for now...
Go check out the brand-new Spin Rewriter 10 for yourself!

Published on: October 10th, 2019

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