Just last week we were tipped off about a minor issue that some of our users were seeing when working with numeric strings such as phone numbers inside Spin Rewriter...

With just the right mix of parentheses and numbers, Spin Rewriter sometimes tripped a bit over its own cleverness and jumbled some of the resulting spun text. Here's an example that used to give it a bit of a headache:

This sample (462719) 555-1212 phone number can
also be written as (462) 719 5551212.

This particular combination of ( and ) in combination with numbers (462...) and dashes (555-1212) lead to a slighly unexpected result - but no more. 😃 We've just fixed this minor glitch, and made Spin Rewriter even more powerful. Enjoy! 😃

Published on: January 4th, 2018

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