Spin Rewriter will soon become yet another tiny bit more awesome ... 😃

Some time in the next couple of days we're introducing an update that will do the following:
  • Spin Rewriter will automatically make sure that you don't get duplicated words. For instance, if your article says "online marketers" and you pick the synonym "internet" for "online" and the synonym "internet marketers" for "marketers", Spin Rewriter will make sure that you never get something stupid like "internet internet marketers".
  • You'll probably get the option to export your spun articles in a CSV file that can be used with Linkvana.
  • While you spin your text on sentence-level, you will no longer have to manually select each sentence first. You'll be able to jump to the very next sentence by simply clicking a button.
All of this will make Spin Rewriter even more powerful, and it will save you even more time. 😃 Stay tuned! ... there's more to come. 😃


Published on: November 23rd, 2011

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