We've been losing no time lately — today we've rolled out another update that significantly improves the user-experience of Spin Rewriter users.

Spin Rewriter is (in itself) an advanced natural language processing tool, and as such its underlying technology contains a staggering amount of complexity. And it's always been our job to make Spin Rewriter not just extremely powerful, but also just as easy-to-understand and easy-to-use.

Our users are telling us that we're doing a good job with that, and that they vastly prefer using Spin Rewriter to other competing article spinners... but we believe we can always do better. 😃

So we took on the gargantuan task of combing through every last piece of text inside the user interface (that you see after logging into your Spin Rewriter account), and rewording those texts wherever necessary.

We spent countless hours contemplating various options to describe features, to tell you what each button is going to do, and to make sure you always feel 100% in control of the software.

I believe we've done a good job! 😃 Go check it out for yourself...

Published on: February 11th, 2019

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