Most users of Spin Rewriter are already familiar with our Quick Buttons... which are the 3 almost-magic buttons that make the spinning process so much easier and so much faster.

While they're absolutely great once you start using them, we discovered that a significant number of our users never got around to discovering them and putting them to good use... and we can't really blame them:

Quick Buttons - before

These are the buttons we mean. The "T", "A" and "R" buttons next to the input field for new synonyms. They're used to instantly and automatically select "Top" synonyms of the current word... or to select "All" synonyms of the current word... or to "Replace All" occurrences of the current word in the entire article with the synonyms we've just selected.

So yeah — while they're powerful, they're not what you would call prominent. And we simply had to change that. Voilá:

Quick Buttons - after

I'm just going to say it — this is much better now! Not only are the buttons more prominent... and not only they actually tell you what they do, in full words. There's also a little blue question mark that you can click, and that tells you (in detail!) exactly what clicking each of the powerful Quick Buttons does.

There's even an example to make things clearer — so let me paste it right here:

"When selecting the word "book" in your text, you'll see a list of available synonyms. Clicking Top will automatically select the best synonyms, for example "novel" and "magazine". Clicking Replace All will then automatically add these 2 top synonyms to every single occurrence of the word "book" in your entire article. It will also capitalize or pluralize those synonyms as required (e.g. it will use "Novels" as a synonym of "Books" instead of "novel")."

I hope you guys will love this update! 😃 And we're actually already working on three other similar updates to the user interface, where we can significantly improve the user experience by slightly tweaking the location and the wording of different buttons and inputs. Stay tuned! 😃

Published on: October 22nd, 2017

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