API Help

These frequently asked questions will help you find most answers about the Spin Rewriter API.

As a user: How many API requests can I send to Spin Rewriter?
You can make up to 500 API requests per day.
We realize that some competitors are offering a higher number of daily requests, however each API request that relies on the meaning-based Spin Rewriter ENL Semantic Spinning technology requires 40-100 times as much processing power as the more basic approach used by our competitors.
As a user: How do I request a new API key?
Sometimes you might wish to change your API key, for example if you were recording a demo video with your API key clearly visible and you want to prevent other people from using it. No matter what your reasons are, you can always request a brand new API key by simply clicking the "Change your unique API key" link right below your current API key inside your account. By requesting a new API key you will instantly invalidate your previous API key and your brand new API key will be generated for you in seconds.
As a developer: Do your provided code samples work out of the box?
You should edit our API code samples to enter your email address and your own unique API key where required. Other than that, you only need cURL enabled on your server (it's usually enabled by default) and everything will work 100% fine right off the bat.
As a developer: How do I enable cURL on my server?
You server likely comes with cURL support as it is.
If our code samples and the Spin Rewriter API SDK don't work for you, try to enable cURL manually.
First you need to locate the php.ini file on your machine. It's usually located in the /usr/bin/php/ or /etc/php/ directory. Open it and find the ;extension=curl.so or ;extension=php_curl.dll line. Remove the semicolon at the beginning of the line, so that you're left with extension=curl.so or extension=php_curl.dll.
Now you can save the php.ini file and close it. Restart your machine and you're done!