Impressive "Perfect Tense" Technology
Gives You Error-Free Content
In Seconds

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Spin Rewriter + Perfect Tense is the perfect combo:
Perfect Tense will make your spun articles higher quality than your original ones.

We're super excited to announce that Perfect Tense is now integrated right into Spin Rewriter.

If you watched the video, you'll agree that Perfect Tense truly brings the world's most advanced grammar and spelling correction technology straight into Spin Rewriter.

The integration of Spin Rewriter and Perfect Tense is insanely powerful for 3 reasons:

Reason #1: It lets you proof-read and automatically correct all of your original articles with a single click, before you even spin them with Spin Rewriter.

This means ALL of your spun articles will be even better — because your original or »seed« articles will be better. Correcting your original article with Perfect Tense also means that you're always starting your spinning process from an already-unique article!

Reason #2: You can also correct individual spun articles as you're generating them. Perfect Tense will give you error-free content in seconds, with just a click.

Reason #3: All of this means your SPUN articles can be higher quality than the originals!

This is one of those rare integrations that are a true »match made in heaven!«

Having access to Perfect Tense means that you can add its immense power to Spin Rewriter...

...but the benefits don't stop there! You can also use Perfect Tense on its own to improve your writing, regardless of what you need it for. It will always fix your content with a single click.

Here's just a quick glimpse at the sort of power Perfect Tense gives you with a single click:

Perfect Tense integration with Spin Rewriter

As part of the brand-new integration with Spin Rewriter, you can now grab full access to Perfect Tense (and integrate it with Spin Rewriter) with a completely free 5-day trial.

And if you don't think Perfect Tense is right for you, you can easily cancel the trial at any time without paying a single cent.

This integration is the biggest outside improvement we've ever seen with Spin Rewriter!

I hope you're as excited about this as I am,
here's to your success,

Aaron Sustar
- Aaron Sustar
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